Pad printing and pad printing machines.

UV disinfection equipment and equipment organic cleaning solvent.

We represent companies Printing International, Uviterno, Nanovis, PURION and Dissol.GmbH.

Specialists in making tunnels pad printing machines and UV curable.

We have standard pad printing machines (Kyanite, Oxalate).

And specific machines for each customer.

With over 30 years experience in manufacturing machines for all types of applications.

Since plastic balls, bottle caps, glass and ceramics to name a few.

We also provide machines for the pharmaceutical sector.

During the last five years we are the leading manufacturers of complex Printing Systems.

Such as 3D printing positive (spherical) and negative 3D (inner hollow portions).

We have in pad printing invisible to protect product lines.

Silicone pads

We put a lot of dedication to manufacture our silicone pad printing tampons.

Without them we could not get good print results.

Additionally buffers pad printing and metal clichés are looking for a good pad printing.

For over 20 years improving our buffers pad printing cliché and consumable metal in general.


For our silicone pads, silicone use a standard lot of resistance to tearing.

So that makes them very durable and resistant, while achieving optimum print quality.

And if you have problems when printing static, too we manufacture tampons pad printing with antistatic finish.

get you a profiling perfect when printing pad printing.

Tampons for tampon printing and metal clichés are our specialty.

We also offer solutions for pad printing on any material.

From the right choice of tampons to correct manufacturing shots metal.

As well as choosing the right ink to the surface to be printed, we will advise you to print Tampon.

We can offer solvent inks, Thermal and UV inks.

Depending on your application will advise the correct ink.

giving you a good service and advising the best that suits your needs.

Drying tunnels UV

As drying uvWe represent the company Uviterno.

Swiss company and one of the world's leading companies in UV technology.

We are also specialized in the development, design and manufacture custom made tunnels uv drying.

Whatever the application, we will be happy to evaluate what is best for your needs.

In addition the technology of our equipment is designed for all energy saving possible, up to 97%.

And power consumption will not be a problem when deploying our equipment in their production lines.

And the lamps uv of our teams are available with different coatings.

So according to your need, we will apply the most advisable for your company and product.

In addition our ballasts and electronic control units carry the latest technology in processors.


UV reflectors

Uviterno supplies drying equipment uv high efficiency.

To verify the quality of light uv lamps and reflectors uv that they embody our teams.

We recommend different measurement methods.

depending on the printing process that you use, we will offer the means to obtain the best results.

Thus you get the most important parameters that contribute to better quality of UV drying inks.

We uv know that the sector is very picky about quality and safety.

We supply equipos uv for printing multiple sectors, such as plastic, glass, wood, metal and paper.

In addition to the large format digital printing, fields of application are varied equipment.

And since we have a great experience in all matters relating to the drying of inks.

We can advise what best suits your needs.

Máquinas pad printing

Arrufat Pad Systems It offers pad printing machines, buffers, accessories and consumables various printing methods.

We have a department dedicated exclusively to the pharmaceutical industry.

Our specialized team will solve your questions and advise you in this broad segment of the pharmaceutical industry.

We also have printing machines tablets, soft capsules and hard gelatin capsules.

We supply simple and compact machines for laboratory use.

Or other models for printing on one side or both sides with or without in-line inspection.

As well We have machines for printing as blister packaging.

And we can build any pad printing machine according to your needs.

Stand-alone type or a linear component based on a combination of various technologies.

In addition our machines are designed for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

FDA certificates

They are constructed according to cGMP regulations-5. FDA certificates indicating the materials used.

The software is based on GAMP guidelines and meets standards ?? 21 CFR Part 11 ??.

The tampons pad printing FDA are approved.

Our printing machines are designed to make tablets.

On one or both sides and one or more colors.

They can be printed several sizes of tablets, 'soft' and 'hard gels', as caplets.

Depending on the size and dimensions of tablets varies printability.

Between 100,000 and 400,000 pieces per hour. So if you have any questions, Contact us.

Green Cleaning Ink!

We have green cleaning equipment company NANOVIS Switzerland.

These teams are geared for industry flexografía and pad printing.

These teams have a built NANOVIS patented system called NANOCLEANER.

It is a system fully ecological, Designed for protection environment and workers.

For more information see our.




Medical devices





Green cleaning equipment ink.