If you want to print in pad printing, we have all the products you need for print.

From machines for pad printing up stamps, inks, engravings, Clichés, polymer, blades, etc.

In addition we will provide you with any accessory to the process of printing by pad printing.

In pad printing machines represent Printing International, a company with 30 years of experience.

In addition, during the past few years are the leading manufacturer of machines and consumables.

You can print on plastic, bottle closures, glass and ceramic, to give some examples.

Printing International has of pad printing machines single or specific machines according to the needs of each client.

You can also make complex printing systems pad printing according to the characteristics of the product.

And they have machines to print lines invisible and protection of products.


In terms of the consumables for pad printing that we offer, are pads of silicone.

Without the correct choice of pads we will not be able to get good print results.

That is why we manufacture our dedication to pad printing tampons.

In addition, tampons pad printing the perfect base for a good impression.

And this is why we use a silicone standard with a lot of resistance to tearing.

In addition it is very durable, and with them will get an optimal print quality.

And if you have problems when printing static, too we manufacture tampons finished with anti static.

Buffers Tampography

With our buffers will get a profiling Perfect printing.

We will advise the best solution for printing on any material.

From the stamps, ink, and the correct manufacture of the shots metal.

In regard to the ink for pad printing proper, the correct choice depends on the material to be printed.

In addition we can offer solvent inks, Thermal inks and UV inks.

And according to its material to be printed will advise you of the ink series that works best.

In addition to offer you a good service and advising the best that suits your needs.

And with all of our products of printing you will get a quality of print excellent.

In addition we have a sales department exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry.

And manufacture pad printing machines for tablets, capsules, soft or hard.

Depending on the size and dimensions of the tablets the print capacity may vary.

Often be 100.000 or 400.000 pieces per hour, various factors influence the speed of printing.

Pad printing

And with our laboratory machines, you can print your one hand or both.

We also have machines for printing packaging your medicines.

And we can build any pad printing machine according to your needs.

In addition, all machines are manufactured in compliance with all cGMP regulations.

And we provide the FDA certificates indicating the materials used in our equipment.

In addition all our machines comply with 21 CFR part 11.

And our consumables pad printing FDA are approved.

In addition, the software is based on the guidelines of the GAMP normalization.

If you wish, you can fill out the form and we will resolve all your doubts.





Impresión de Medicamentos

UV dried

Regarding UV drying tunnels represent the company Uviterno.

And it is one of the world's leading companies in UV technology.

It is also specialized in the development, design and manufacturing tunnels uv.

And with the technology of our uv teams all possible energy saving is obtained.

In addition, the power consumption will not be a problem by incorporating our equipment in your production line.

And all our lamps uv are available with different coatings.

Furthermore electronic ballasts carry the latest technology in processors.

UV reflectors

As uv reflectors for drying uv high efficiency, we represent Uviterno.

Swiss company tunnels leading manufacturer of ultraviolet drying and international prestige.

In addition to verifying the quality of light of the UV lamps we recommend different measurement methods.

depending on the printing process using either pad printing or flexo.

We will offer them the means to obtain the best results.

In addition they obtain important parameters to get the best quality UV curable inks.

And we know that the uv sector is very picky about quality and safety.

We also have a lot of experience in all matters relating to the drying of inks.

Cleaning equipment

We supply cleaning equipment inks NANOVIS Swiss company.

These teams are geared for printing flexografía and pad printing.

According to the installation characteristics, it is wise to choose the machine model installed.

We also manufacture automatic or manual cleaning.

And all machines are integrated NANOVIS patented system which is totally organic.

Furthermore, this system is designed to protect the environment and workers.

And we do not use solvents in our equipment, so operating costs are reduced.

We will be happy to assess the best option for your needs.

UV disinfection

Arrufat Pad Systems is expanding its presence in various business sectors.

And we represent Purion and Dissol.GmbH equipment manufacturers UV disinfection and UV lamps.

We have also created a commercial department dedicated to selling products uv.

And we have equipment for UV disinfection Water, Air and surfaces.

We also have UV lamps and any spare or accessory related to the sector.

UV water disinfection radiation ultravioletIs the method most natural and oldest disinfection.

It also offers optimum protection against the danger of infections caused by microorganisms.

And do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.