Our photo Downframes polymer are metal and very easy to handle.

In addition, they possess a scorecard in the front.

And carry a single phase pump vacuum inside.

And it is manufactured with a top lid where 3 to 6 uv special tubes.

And it comes with a film under way glass and rubber blanket.

We have different models of insoladoras and of different measures.

And with them, you can insolar their fotolitos and create any pad printing cliché.

In addition, the insoladoras can be with normal light or uv according to need.

Expose Unit

In Arrufat We have green cleaning equipment for pad printing ink.

In addition, we represented the company NANOVIS, a manufacturer of cleaning equipment and inks.

The teams are designed to removing ink Flexographic printing and pad printing.

In addition, integrated carry a patented system called NANO CLEANER.

And it is a system totally ecological thought in the protection of the environment and workers.

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Expose Unit