What are cookies?

Cookies are small archiveWhich it is normally composed of letters and numbers, and is installed on your computer, tablet, phone or similar device when you visit a website.

Site owners web They use them to such sites work or to do so in a more efficient manner and to report information.

What types exist?

There are different types for different uses:

    • They are also necessary for the operation of the site webFor example, to allow you to connect to secure areas or to use a virtual shopping cart.
    • That's why there and analytical performance.
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    They allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors to a website and know how to move through it while using it.

  • What it helps us improve your performance (for example, ensuring that visitors easily find what they are looking for).
    • There are functionality. They are used to recognize you when you revisit the website.
    • This allows us to customize the content for you, greeting him by name and remembering your preferences, for example, language or region.
  • And there selection. Record your visit to the website, the pages you have visited and links that followed.
  • This information is used to make your content more according to your interest.

How long they stay on my device?

Some work from the time you visit a website until the end of that particular browsing session.

These expire and are automatically deleted when you close your browser. They are called temporary or "session".

Others remain on your device during browsing sessions and do not expire when you close your browser.

These are called "permanent". The length of time remains a persistent cookie on the device varies from one to another.

How do I control which are installed on my device?

It depends on whether you agree or not. One way to do this is through your browser settings, most current browsers permits (Note that if you use your browser settings to block them all, you may not access certain sections of the site web).

The following links provide information to configure some of the most popular browsers:

You can also use a browser plugin like Ghostery Evidon Inc. or Tracking Protection List TRUSTe, to detect and control the installation on your system.

In some cases the inclusion of video content may require the use of Adobe Flash Player technology.

Websites that use flash can reach store cookies to remember your settings or preferences, similar to other use.

You can access the Flash management tools directly in the Adobe website.

Almost all websites today use Google Analytics to keep statistics of visits.

This system also uses. To unsubscribe from the Google Analytics cookies analytical visit

For more general information, including the way they are installed and how to manage and eliminate, visit