Tinta para Tampografia

Pad Print Ink

Screen Printing Ink and Pad Printing Consumables.

First we have Ink pad printing and a variety of colors.

further we have Pad Printing Inks for solvents, inks and UV inks Thermo Plastic.

And depending on the type and color surface material, our equipment will advise the correct ink.

Pad Print Ink

Also in the series of our inks we have a variety of mixed colors.

We can produce RAL, Pantone and HKS as.

consumable para Tampografía

the cyan, magenta, yellow and black CMYK colors for photo printing are also available.

Especially we highlight the series TO 3000 de Printing International.

Which has a standard series for many different materials and a wide variety of colors.

And the ink pad printing is accompanied by its diluent, catalyst and retardant.

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See manufacturer Web: Web: Printing International

Ecological cleaning Inks

Teams have green cleaning company NANOVIS Switzerland.

These teams have a built NANOVIS patented system called NANOCLEANER.

It is a totally ecological system, designed to protect the environment and workers.

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Tinta para Tampografía

Tinta para Tampografía
Tinta para Tampografía
Pad Print Ink

In Arrufat Pad Systems we are expanding the market.

And we have created a commercial department dedicated to selling Products UV.

We have UV disinfection equipment for water and air.

In addition to UV lamps and any type of accessories or attachment related UV Sector.

UV Drinking Water Disinfection

Water disinfection by ultraviolet radiation, is the method most natural and oldest disinfection.

That's why it offers optimal protection against the danger of infections caused by microorganisms.

UV combat microorganisms without any side effects.

It does not produce hazardous to health or the environment toxic waste.

The biggest advantage of UV disinfection.

It is that the use of chemicals like chlorine, which are very harmful to health is avoided.

Please contact us, we will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

UV Water DisinfectionTinta para Tampografía

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Service Rotativos prints Metallic and Ceramic

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Pad printing ink

Tampon printing consumables

The ink supply major brands PRINTING INTERNATIONAL, marabou and DUBUIT

Tinta para Tampografía
Tinta para Tampografía
Tinta para Tampografía