UV disinfection of operating rooms or surfaces, equipment supply company PURION.

This German company manufactures equipment for UV disinfection of surfaces, air or medical instruments.

UV disinfection of surfaces provides optimum protection risk of infection.

Since it eliminates 99% of the harmful microorganisms for people's health.

eliminates bacteria and viruses of the air and surfaces without produce side effects or toxic waste.

The great advantage of using UV disinfection for disinfecting surfaces, is reduced chemical products.

UV disinfection Operating Rooms

PURION develops, designs and produces disinfection systems Operating theater with ultraviolet light.

And they are manufactured for different applications, such as water, air and surfaces.

In addition, the design the teams ensures efficient disinfection with great energy savings.

All UV equipment to disinfect medical instruments, compliant and European laws.

We are very demanding with safety equipment and are backed by world-class institutions.

Besides disinfect surfaces uv or air can be disinfected any everyday object.

You can disinfect from mobile, keys, glasses, masks or any object to be sterilized.

Surface disinfection

UV equipment supply for uv surgeon disinfection are high-power UV radiation.

Of course we have equipment to measure UV radiation and can verify quality disinfection.

It will ensure control of all important parameters They are contributing to the quality of ultraviolet light.

And all of our teams to disinfect operating theaters are made of high quality materials.

In addition, we can manufacture ultraviolet equipment with different powers, as the need for disinfection.

If you wish, we can supply long lamp life and Long useful life, adding more iron or gallium.

The equipment design allow easy and quick change of the lamps when they reach the end of their useful life.

And the running cost is very low, always land advise what best suits your needs.

In addition, you can request more information about uv disinfection of operating rooms by filling in the form.

desinfección uv quirófanos
desinfección uv quirófanos

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