UV lamps for disinfection Water, air and surfaces of the company Dissol.GmbH.

Company independent manufacturing lamps and UV-C emitters for various applications.

And it has decades of experience to ensure the quality of all products.

In addition, the components and production processes meet high quality standards.

And do not leave you indifferent reliability, performance and durability.

In addition, the uv lamps are manufactured to offer the best to our customers.

And Dissol.GmbH, produces uv lamps for disinfection adapted to your needs.

In addition, the uv disinfection of water by radiation UV is the most natural and ancient method that exists.

And it offers optimal protection against the danger of infection.

In addition, it eliminates all micro-organisms harmful to health.

And without causing any side effects or toxic waste.

In addition, the greatest advantage of uv disinfection is that you avoid chemicals.

And it is shown that such products are harmful to health.

In addition, we're specializing in the design and production systems uv irradiation.

And our UV lamps for disinfection can be applied to any field.

In addition, the design of our lamps and equipment UV disinfection.

They have a compact design and optimized, ensuring an efficient energy saving.

In addition, all our uv lamps for disinfection to comply with the regulations.

And existing European laws regarding disinfection by ultraviolet light.

In addition, it can be used both in disinfection of drinking water as residual water.

And the lamps we supply are high-power radiation.

They are very compact for best performance.

UV disinfection lamps

Y we have equipment to check the quality of light our lamps.

So that you can control the parameters that contribute to the quality of uv light.

In addition, if you have any questions, you can fill out the form.

And we will contact you to inform you as soon as possible.



Lámparas UV para Desinfección

UV disinfection lamps
Lámparas UV para Desinfección
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Lámparas UV para Desinfección