Clichés Metálicos

Metal clichés

Sale of Clichés Clichés Polymer Metal and pad printing to water or alcohol.

Metal clichés

First metal clichés para Tampografía They can be emulsion or copper color green.

And they can be of any size, can be with or without holes.

No minimum purchase packages, you can to buy the amount you want.

We are also specialized in manufacturing Clichés for pad printing.

Metal clichés

We offer a full range of shots, Plates and cylinders for pad printing.

For any questions you can contact us.

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Clichés Metálicos

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clichés Cerámicos

Clichés Metálicos

Ceramic Pad Printing Cliches are recorded with laser, and provide the highest level durability available.

Furthermore, these clichés can be recorded either a YAG or CO2 laser.

And they can be recorded by two faces of the ceramic cliché with what maximizes the cliché.

Said ceramic cliches have a thickness of 10 mm solid ceramic.

Durability is between 1 to 2 million impressions per side.

If we take both sides of the cliché durability is doubled.

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NANOVIS have Green Cleaning Equipment flexo and pad printing.

Clichés Metálicos

Environmental protection and workers are most important when manufacturing our Equipment cleaning.

That's why we put all our efforts to replace conventional cleaning solvents for cleaning pollution-free (VOC).

Therefore we use our green cleaning tool called NANOCLEANER.

In Arrufat Pad Systems we are expanding the market.

And we have created a commercial department dedicated to selling UV products.

Equipment available UV Water Disinfection and Air.

Besides UV Lamps and any accessories or attachment related UV Sector.

UV disinfection

Water disinfection by ultraviolet radiation, is the most natural method of disinfection older.

That's why it offers optimal protection against the danger of infections caused by microorganisms.

Please contact us, we will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

UV Water DisinfectionClichés Metálicos

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Metal clichés

Sale of Clichés Clichés Polymer Metal and pad printing to water or alcohol.

Clichés Metálicos