Disinfection in operating rooms represent PURION.

This German company manufactures equipment ultraviolet light disinfection.

In addition ultraviolet disinfection provides optimal protection risk of infection.

And also it eliminates harmful microorganisms to health.

Furthermore fight all bacteria and viruses.

And produces no side effects or toxic waste.

In addition the advantage of operating room disinfection with UV light.

It is that the use of chemicals is avoided.

And it is that these products are harmful to health and the environment.

disinfection Operating Rooms

further We are specialized in the development, design and production of UV irradiation systems.

And we can manufacture for every application.

In addition design our teams ensures efficient energy saving.

And all UV equipment complies with European regulations and laws.

Which are very demanding regarding ultraviolet disinfection of operating rooms.

They can also be used for disinfection of air, Water or surfaces.

UV lamps

And teams UV supply are high UV output.

They are also manufactured and optimized for best performance.

And we also have measuring equipment for our lamps.

You can also verify quality disinfection uv of our UV lamps.

And it will ensure control all important parameters of our equipment.

In addition these parameters are those that contribute to the quality of the ultraviolet light.

And all of our equipment and lamps are manufactured to high quality standards.

In addition we can produce ultraviolet equipment with different powers.

And as the need to disinfect operating rooms every customer need.

We will advise you what best suits your needs.

We also have long-life lamps.

And we are ready to supply any lamp long life.

Also we manufacture lamps broad emission spectrum adding more iron or gallium.

And the equipment design allow easy and quick change of the lamps.

With which it is produced at a low cost of operation and maintenance.

Besides, all our Disinfectants They are high quality.

And you can request information by filling out the form.


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disinfecting operating rooms
desinfección quirófanos
desinfección quirófanos


desinfección quirófanos