We supply uv air disinfection equipment for HVAC ducts.

In addition, systems with germicidal light uvc to measure for air ducts of the UTA.

Purion is the leading European manufacturer of uv air disinfection equipment.

And the applications are very varied, but we highlight three, air, Water, and surfaces.

In addition, disinfection of the air by UV light minimizes the risk of contracting infections.

And we do our best when it comes to manufacturing our uv equipment.

Uv disinfection of air with uvc light is the more natural method and former exists.

UV disinfection Air

PURION develops, designs and produces UV irradiation systems.

In addition, the ultraviolet equipment can be used for multiple sectors.

Our UV disinfection equipment ensures considerable energy savings.

In addition, all our uv equipment complies with European regulations.

And can also be used for the uv disinfection of drinking water as residual.

We have measuring equipment to check the quality of our UV lamps.

It will ensure control the parameters that contribute to the quality UV light.

All our equipment and UV lamps are manufactured to high quality standards.

And the lamps uv air disinfection we manufacture are high power.

We also have long-term UV lamps and long life.

They can be broad emission spectrum adding more iron or gallium.

The design of the UV disinfection equipment allows a quick change of the lamps.

And thanks to this a low cost of maintenance and operation is achieved.

all our uv products They are high quality and offer many advantages.

UVC Advantages for HVAC

Fast and effective disinfection without risk to the environment and the people.

And it eliminates microorganisms from the air without the danger of overdosing on products.

Low cost of operation and maintenance of our UV equipment.

For more information on uv duct air disinfection.

Fill out the form, and we will wear contact you as soon as possible.

In addition, we can leave you a test team to certify the effectiveness.


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