Company pad printing is created with the aim of satisfying customers with a fast and efficient service.

We are also specialized in the sale of pad printing machines and consumables.

And in Spain we represent several European firms of international prestige.

In addition we will provide pad printing machines, pad printing pads.

And also tampon printing clichés, clichés, polymer, inks and everything you need to Tampon print.

In addition we have spent many years in the industry and our business have many years of experience.

And they can advise what best suits your needs.

In addition the company is located in the Barcelona area.

Bringing the scope of our pad printing company is nationally and internationally.

In addition we represent Printing International manufacturer Pad printing machines.

And we can address your questions or concerns about consumables pad printing.

In addition to everything related to the sector of the drying ultraviolet.

And we are at your disposal to inform you of our products.

Also if you wish you can fill in the form and we will as soon as possible.


Empresa de Tampografía

Empresa de Pad

And we represent and sell UV drying UV drying tunnels of the Swiss company Uviterno.

It is also one of the world's leading companies in manufacturing uv tunnels.

And it is a company of high quality and European recognition.

In addition we have specialized manufacturing equipment uv request.

And we can build tunnels for each specific client.


In addition Uviterno has standard uv drying tunnels.

And they can be integrated into different Applications of impression.

In addition the market is very demanding UV drying.

And that all our teams uv are manufactured with high quality, safety and efficiency.

So you can contact us for more information.

Ultraviolet drying
Empresa de Tampografía