Inkwell pad printing may be metallic or ceramic.

And we can supply of any diameter and manufacturer.

In addition, they can be rectified if they suffer strokes, and most times can be reused.

The afilamos if worn for reuse, it is cheaper to buy it again sharpened.

In addition, we can supply the new closed ink from any manufacturer.

Whether metallic, ceramic or any diameter or type of edge, it can supply.

Inkwell Tampography

Also, Arrufat It was created to satisfy customers with fast and efficient service.

And we stock everything you need to print your product.

In addition, we represent in Spain several european firms of great international prestige.

And part of ink pad printing we specialize in consumables pad printing.

As pad printing machines, tampons pad printing, shots metal or paints.

In addition, we have spent many years in the industry, our business have many years of experience.

And you can advise what best suits your needs for print Tampon.

A part of the ink pad printing, we can ask for information any product.

And if you want or have any questions, please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Inkwell Tampography
Inkwell Tampography