We have uv lamps for disinfection Water, air and surfaces of the company Dissol.GmbH.

They can be manufactured from low or medium pressure and ozone free depending on the application.

Thanks to years of experience they have in the sector offer high quality products.

We are sure that not leave you indifferent performance and durability of its products.

In addition, significantly reduce the cost of operation and maintenance of their equipment.

Dissol.GmbH, manufactures uv lamps for disinfection to measure and according to the needs of each client.

So you can achieve optimum protection risk of infection.

And make sure to remove all microorganisms harmful to health.

In addition, without using chemicals and without producing toxic residues or side effects.

The biggest advantage of using UV light for disinfection, is prevent like chlorine.

It is shown that products like chlorine, are very harmful to health.

our UV systems are used in different sectors, as the water, Air or surfaces.

UV disinfection lamps

And thanks to the compact design and optimizedachieves a considerable energy savings.

In addition, all components and production processes meet high quality standards.

Dissol.GmbH passes rigorous quality controls at the time of manufacture all the products it manufactures.

That certify that all their lamps strictly comply with European regulations.

To control the quality of ultraviolet light, they have different verification methods.

With these control equipment, you will be able to know the parameters that contribute to the quality UV light.

Whether to disinfect water, air or surfaces, we will offer the best possible solution.

In Arrufat Pad Systems We strive every day to offer the best advice and service.

If you want information about our UV lamps for disinfection, fill in the form.

And we will get in touch as soon as possible to solve your doubts.

UV disinfection lamps


Lámparas UV para Desinfección

lámparas uvc desinfección
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