Metallic clichés for pad printing with emulsion or copper colored green.

In addition to the two emulsions are obtained optimum profiling.

And the clichés for pad printing can be supply of any size and with or without holes.

In addition there are no minimum purchase packages, you can borrow the amount you want.

And we are specialized in manufacturing shots pad printing.

We also have a full range of tampon printing clichés.

And we can supply steel plates of different thicknesses.

We also have cylindrical Tampon printing clichés in newspaper.

Metal clichés

And apart from the metal cliches, we have plates ceramic.

Furthermore, these clichés can be engraved with a YAG or CO2 laser.

And with them you can get greater durability in terms of impressions.

Furthermore, these can be recorded by two faces of the cliché.

And you can make the most of surface Cliche.

Also these ceramic cliches have a thickness of 10 mm. solid ceramic.

And durability is between 1 to 2 million impressions.

Also, if we take both sides of the cliché.

The durability is double that of the metal clichés.

And it is very important that when printing in pad printing.

Choose well what kind of cliché will best suit your product.

And according to the number of impressions to be performed.

Contact us what kind of cliché suits you best.

Metal clichés
Clichés Metálicos
Clichés Metálicos

further Arrufat Pad Systems It is expanding the market.

And we represent in Spain Switzerland NANOVIS the company.

That has machines cleaning solvent inks.

And they are focused to clean ink fountains, metal clichés or any piece inky.

further manufacture automatic or manual equipment for flexographic printing or pad printing.

And the protection of the environment and workers is most important when making them.

We also put all our efforts to replace equipment with conventional cleaning solvents.

And if you have any questions please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.