Of the products for printing, it should be noted the developer and the attacker.

The production of the metal cliche, the developer is used to reveal the insolada image in the cliché.

In addition, the developer is one of the indispensable products in the manufacture of the cliches.

And it is the product that is used in the first place of the recording of the tampon printing cliché.

In addition, the role of the developer is to view the image insolada previously in the metal plate.

And the development times vary depending on the reason to burn, this may time varies between 2 to 3 minutes.

In addition, the developer for printing what we supply in containers of one litre or five litres.

Pad Printing Products

The rammer, is another of the products we need to make pad printing cliches.

In this case, it is used in the second place in the recording of the drawing in the metal plate.

In addition, it is the product that burns the cliché, and gives you the desired depth for each client.

The engraving time varies between 1 minute 10 seconds in winter to 45 seconds in the summer.

In addition, according to the temperature to the attacker acts differently at the time of recording the plate.

And we can supply in bottles of 1 or 5 litres, for more information please refer to our manufacturer.

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Pad Printing Products
Productos para Tampografía

In Arrufat Pad Systems we are expanding the market.

Part of products for pad printing, we have a department dedicated to the sale of uv products.

And we can provide equipment for disinfection ultraviolet water, Air and surfaces.

In addition, of lamps uv or any type of recambioo and accessories related to the sector of uv.

The ultraviolet disinfection is the method of disinfection most natural and oldest that exists.

And offers optimum protection against the risk of infection produced by microorganisms.

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