Rotary pad printing prints on both steel as ceramic.

Also recorded may be flat or rounded, depending on the application

And we can manufacture any diameter and format machine pad printing.

Furthermore it is appropriate to decorate the entire circumference of cylindrical objects.

And they can be used for large series printing one or more colors.

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In addition, the speed is about 200 to 800 objects cylindrical per minute.

But that always depends on the diameter and the colors to be printed.

For example, cartridges with 20 mm diameter. speed is 6000 pieces / hour.

further Arrufat Pad Systems It is expanding the market.

And we represent in Spain Switzerland NANOVIS the company.

Which has cleaning machines solvent inks.

They are focused to clean ink containers, metal plates or any part inky.


We also manufacture automatic equipment or manuals for flexo or pad printing.

And the protection of the environment and workers is most important when making them.

We also put all our efforts to replace cleaning equipment conventional solvent.

And if you have any questions please fill out the form

And we will contact you as soon as possible.


prints Rotativos
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