Regarding flexo supplies that we commercialize.

We highlight the Ink Cleaning Machines of the Swiss company NANOVIS.

In addition, they are ecological and do not use solvents, thus respecting the environment and the people.

They are intended for the flexo and pad printing industry.

And according to the characteristics of each client, teams can be automatic or manual.

If you wish, you can consult our catalog of equipment and machines ecological cleaning inks.

Catalog NANOVIS.GmbH

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Our company

NANOVIS, manufactures cleaning machines inks for flexo and pad printing.

And are very committed to the environment, and have big plans for the future.

In addition, environmental regulations and safety are becoming more stringent.

And as the requirements and the safety requirements to the systems of cleaning are in constant growth.

In NANOVIS put the greatest effort into providing innovative technologies and safe.

In addition, all of our supplies for flexo, are intended to protect the environment and the people.

Flexography supplies

In addition, many companies are looking for methods of green cleaning for their systems print.

And that makes us strive more every day to improve our equipment and cleaning machines of inks.

In addition, our patented method, is designed to be efficient and of low cost.

And it is receiving numerous awards by the respect offered by the environment and the health of the people.

In addition, we want to contribute to this global challenge and to transmit to future generations an environment worth living in.

And so our biggest commitment is to offer clean technologies print world Flexographic printing or pad printing.

In addition, our flexo supply company collaborates with customers to improve the technology of our products.

Flexography supplies

And most important part of the equipment of supplies for flexo and pad printing.

They are thought and designed to protect the environment and workers.

In addition, we put a lot of effort in producing equipment of green cleaning.

To be able to change the machines of cleaning conventional solvent-based.

And that's why all of our equipment green cleaning are free of particles (COV).

For that, we use our ecological system, NANO-CLEANER, patented by NANOVIS.

Flexography supplies

This system is integrated into all of our cleaning equipment and inks.

And thanks to our patented system, cleaning is free of organic compounds volátiles (COV).

Since these chemicals contain carbon and are found in all living things, becoming gas.

In addition, our system prevents that all of those gases end up in the environment or affecting people.

And the process of cleaning our equipment, both for flexo printing such as pad printing, consists of three parts.

Cleaning agent, cleaning process and recycling, this process will get a fast and effective cleaning.

In addition, you will not have to worry about protocols against explosions, or expensive security measures because of the solvents.

NanoCleaner NWC


Suministros para Flexografía

Suministros para Flexografía

NanoCleaner NC

for pad Printing

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Suministros para Flexografía

NanoCleaner HC

Manual equipment is Low Cost

Suministros para Flexografía

Suministros para Flexografía

Cleaning Process

The process of the equipment of supplies for flexo is to activate the particles.

And these particles are at rest in the cleaning agent, they are activated by electricity.

And that such nanometric particles are very effective for cleaning the ink.

In addition, the ink of the tools used does not resist this process of green cleaning.

And the particles return to its resting state once the power is removed.

In addition, after start of the program of washing in the cleaning equipment of inks.

The cleaning agent is continuously sprayed through a rotary arms on pieces to clean.

Inks Cleaning Equipment

And cleaning the flexo ink that is in tools and parts it is carried out in a closed circuit under vacuum.

In addition, this allows efficient cleaning without emission of fumes or gases.

And they are dangerous to the environment and health of people.

In addition, the NANO-CLEANER can be installed directly in the production area.

And as the computer supplies to flexo, is installed next to the printing machine.

The operator does not waste time traveling for cleaning parts.

Cleaning agent

In addition, to clean you use a cleaning agent specific.

And that is developed and patented by NANOVIS, which is activated by electricity.

In addition, unlike cleaners with solvents (VOC) on the market today.

Our cleaning agent is free of (VOCS) and offers a number of very interesting advantages.

This product has a point of inflammation is very high, and will not evaporate or lose never cleaning force.

In addition, for many years continuously working at maximum power.

And it avoids having to replace the cleaning agent indefinitely.

Flexography supplies

In addition, our teams of cleaning of the inks that we supply for flexo.

They are designed in three parts cleaning process, cleaning agent and recycling system.

And all the equipment ensures that the quality standards are more demanding.

In addition, it installs only components and materials of first quality.

And thanks to green cleaning system patented by NANOVIS.

The costs are very low compared to traditional solvent-based.


In addition, during the cleaning process of the printing ink of our cleaning equipment.

The ink is removed from the cleaning agent through the use of a product absorbent.

And this absorbent product is in the system recycling NANOVIS integrated into the equipment.

In addition, in this way the cleaning agent is not lost and can be used for an indefinite time.

And the ink that is to be cleaned, can be removed manually from the computer in the form of a cake compact and dry.

Which allows smooth removal emanation of vapors or gases.

In addition, at the same time, there is no danger to people or the environment.

And if you want to know how the process works cleaning of the equipment of supplies for flexo.

You can fill in the form, we will be happy to assist you.

Equipos de Limpieza de Tintas
Equipos de Limpieza de Tintas
Suministros para Flexografía
Equipos de Limpieza de Tintas
Equipos de Limpieza de Tintas