The printing pads for pad printing can be manufacture with two types of silicone.

We have a standard red silicone and other antistatic blue.

In addition, the two are of very good quality and tear-resistant.

And with them you will achieve optimal printing.

Furthermore each has different characteristics.

And the hardnesses of the buffer is defined in relation to printing product.

Moreover buffers may be manufactured as customer.

And tampons for pad printing can be supplied in a base of wood or metal.

As well as we can manufacture machine nut or without nut.

When placing your order tampon is important to indicate if needed.

Tampons also have rotary by machine model.

And the manufacture of different diameters depending on the product to print.

We also advise what best suits your needs.

And you can ask us that buffer is better suited to the product to be printed.


Tampons for tampon printing

In Arrufat we are specialized in the sale of consumables for pad printing.

And we represent in Spain several European firms of international prestige.

In addition we can supply from machines pad printing.

And all necessary to print your product consumables.

From tampons for pad printing, plates, paints, Polymer cliches and blades.

We also have much experience in the pad printing industry.

And our business will advise what best suits your needs.

In addition the company is localized in the area of ​​Barcelona.

And you can fill out the form, we will contact you.


Tampons for tampon printing
Tampones para Tampografía
Tampones para Tampografía