tampones rotativos

Buffers Rotary pad printing and all kinds of consumables pad printing.

Besides, the business It is located in the area Barcelona.

Our rotary tampon printing pads are designed for the pharmaceutical industry.

And for printing bottle caps, although the field application It is very broad.

In addition to our rotary buffers can be printed many products.

From syringes, catheters, inhalers, and all kinds of dispositives doctors.

And from drugs, filters, pumps, bags and buckets.

We can also print all kinds of objects for laboratory equipment.

As glass or plastic bottles, beakers, flasks, pipettes and capsules.

buffers Rotativos

And can manufactured cleanroom according to cGMP regulations.

Moreover rotary buffers can be of any size, diameter and height.

And a good quality pad printing rotary begins by choosing the appropriate buffer.

Also if you want you can send the object on which to print.

And we will be happy to advise buffer suitable for pad printing product.

They can also be manufactured with fixed core or star as shown in the image.

And we use a special silicone rotary pad printing.

Moreover rotary pad printing tampons supply them in 48 hours.

And our commercial They have many years of experience.

They can advise what best suits your needs.

So if you have any questions please fill out the form.

And we will contact you as soon as possible.


rotary buffers
tampones rotativos