UV disinfection of Legionella, it is very important to the health of people.

And it's why we put our best efforts in manufacturing UV equipment.

In addition, use of ultraviolet light to disinfect water It is the most natural and oldest existing method.

It is shown, that offers optimal protection against the danger of infections.

And is very efficient removing microorganisms harmful to health.

In addition, uv light to combat the microorganisms in the water without producing any side effect or toxic residue.

And the biggest advantage that it offers the uv disinfection of legionella, is to avoid the use of chemicals.

It has been shown that these products are harmful to health and the environment.

And we are specialized in the development, design and production systems uv irradiation for every application.

In addition, the design of our uv disinfection equipment have a compact design and ensures an efficient energy saving.

UV disinfection Legionella

All our equipment complies with existing European regulations and laws regarding ultraviolet disinfection.

And the equipment we supply are high radiation power, compact and optimized for best performance.

In addition, we have measuring equipment to verify the quality of light our ultraviolet lamps.

And it will ensure control important parameters that contribute to the quality of UV light.

Also, our teams and lamps are made with high quality standards.

And our uv lamps for uv disinfection of legionella are of high power.

In addition, we can manufacture different powers according to the need of each client.

And also we have uv lamp long lasting.

In addition, we are in position to supply any uv lamp long life-span.

And we manufacture lamps to extend the emission spectrum adding more iron, gallium or indium gallium.

In addition, the design of the equipment ultraviolet allows an easy and quick change of the lamps.

And therefore the cost of operation and maintenance is reduced.

All of our uv products are of high quality and offer many advantages.


No use of chemicals.

In addition to quick and effective disinfection.

And does not change the taste or odor of the water.

In addition, without risk to the environment.

And kills microorganisms resistant to chlorine.

In addition, there can be no overdose of products.

And very easy handling and maintenance of equipment.

In addition to low operating costs.

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